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Banks and Building Societies commonly refer to a "Structural Engineer's Inspection" as a "Structural Survey".

A "Structural Engineer's Inspection" includes for visual structural inspections of dwelling houses or bungalows are carried out in order to allow opinions to be formed regarding structural stability.

These inspections are most often carried out in the context of specific concerns of the building owner, a possible purchaser and/or his valuation surveyor related to cracks, apparent settlement, deflections in floors or roof slopes, previous structural alterations and other similar problems.

It is becoming more important for property owners both to determine the structural condition of buildings and sites before they acquire them, and to maintain them in a reasonably sound and stable state throughout the period of ownership in order to protect their investment and avoid problems at the point of sale.

Insurance claims for structural damage are notoriously disruptive, protracted and stressful and may be avoided by prompt attention following regular checks by the building owner with back-up advice, where appropriate by RBA.

Our structural inspections are limited to a visual study of the principal structural elements of the building and its immediate surrounds including trees, drains and retaining walls where appropriate and accessible.

It is not a full structural survey or schedule of condition.

Our opinions will be based on observations from ground level within the property boundaries and/or areas with public access, and internally including cellars and roof spaces where appropriate and where access is readily and safely available.

It is not usually possible to move furniture, lift carpets or floorboards nor fully to inspect voids, roof spaces or drains.

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